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Launching an Application

Applications in Athera work exactly the same as they do outside Athera, the only difference is that you're not running them using your own hardware. The only thing you need to launch an App is Entitlement for the App you intend to launch and a compatible Machine Profile.

When you're granted access to Athera, you're given an Org and a trial Entitlement, but usually you'll need to purchase Entitlement for the Apps and Machines you want to use. See Adding Entitlements for more information.

Article:  A full list of the Apps currently available in Athera is available from the Knowledge Base, article FAQ117.

You don't have to set up Projects in Athera to get started with Apps, but if you do want to organise your work before you start, have a look at Managing Orgs and Projects.

Warning:  Every time you log into Athera, the Context is reset to your default Org, so make sure you switch to the required Context before launching Apps. See Athera Context for more information.

To launch an App:

1.   Click the Context page in the Athera dashboard and select the required Context.

If you're new to Athera, the Context might be just the Org you were given. See Athera Context for more information about Context.

2.   Click the Apps page.

The current Context and available applications are displayed. Apps that you are not entitled to are grayed-out and display the Get App button.

3.   Click Get App to jump to the Entitlements page. See Adding Entitlements for more information.

Apps that you don't have a Machine Entitlement for are also grayed-out, but they display the Get Machine button.

4.   Click Get Machine to jump to the Entitlements page. See Adding Entitlements for more information.

Apps for which you have an App Entitlement and compatible Machine Entitlement display a Launch button.

5.   Click Launch under the required application to launch the App using the default Machine Profile and then click Continue,


Click the cog icon and select a different Machine Profile to use and then click Continue, followed by Launch.

Note:  You can also run command-line arguments at start-up by clicking the cog icon and editing the Arguments. See Controlling the Session Environment for more information.

The dashboard automatically switches to the Sessions page, displaying the App's status. See Managing Sessions and Quotas for more information about Sessions.

6.   Click Open when the button displays on the App's panel. This can take a few minutes if a new instance needs to start at the remote site.

A new Session tab opens containing the required App, and you can work as normal.

7.   When you're done with the application, close the Session tab and then close the App's panel using the x in the top corner.

Warning:  If you don't close the App panel, the App continues to use your Entitlement.