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Using Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is the preferred storage method for Athera, because it is slightly faster than Amazon S3 and more reliable than Dropbox or Google Drive.

Note:  File names in Athera cannot be more than 1024 UTF-8 characters in length. File names exceeding this limit cannot be synchronized due to underlying cloud provider limitations.

Note:  We strongly recommend that you don't use Dropbox and Google Drive as your main storage in production, because performance and reliability cannot be guaranteed.

Creating GCS Buckets

Buckets are containers for files stored in the cloud. They can contain any file type, but you cannot nest buckets within existing buckets and they must have a unique name.

Note:  Orbit Desktop Client v3.1.0 ships with a GCS Helper Utility, which guides you through the process of creating, authenticating, and connecting GCS storage buckets. To access the utility, download and unzip the latest Orbit Desktop Client for your operating system from and then run the gcs-helper from the orbit-client directory.

The GCS Helper Utility is currently only available for Mac and Linux operating systems. Windows support will be added in a future release.

1.   Set up a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account and project, if you don't already have one. Please refer to for more information.

Tip:  You can also try Google Cloud for free by navigating to and clicking Try Free.

2.   Click Documentation > Learn about products and services to run through some tutorials, or

If you're already familiar with GCP, click the project selector at the top of the screen and select the project you want to use.

3.   In the left-hand menu under Storage, click Browser to display the current project.
4.   Click Create Bucket.

The Create a bucket page displays.

Tip:  If you're new to GCP, you can click Take the quickstart to open a tutorial on how to create buckets.

5.   Enter a unique Name for the bucket.
6.   Select Multi-Regional as the Default storage class and choose the Location closest to you, or the majority of your collaborators, using the dropdown.

7.   Click Create.

See Connecting GCS Buckets for information on how to connect your bucket to Athera.