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Introduction to Athera

Athera centralizes storage, creative tools, and pipeline in one place, providing on-demand and flexible access to your preferred industry tools, including Foundry's industry-standard applications, such as Nuke and Katana, as well as other, third-party applications. You can access Athera through any device that supports web browsers, but we recommend the latest Google Chrome browser for the best Athera experience.

Athera is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), incorporating Google’s unrivaled GPU, networking, and storage capabilities. GCP also provides essential security for its customers. Premier media and entertainment cyber security firm, Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) provided the security audit for Athera. ISE performs rigorous, manual security assessments and serve as trusted advisers to many of the major industry content owners.

Athera Components

Logging into Athera for the first time provides you with a default Org, which is displayed on the Context page on the dashboard. In Athera, the Context describes the current Group and its parent groups in a hierarchy much like a file system, with Orgs as the root all the way down to Members as the smallest group. The Context also provides access to services such as quotas, usage, and storage.

Orgs and Projects - Orgs are the top level groups in Athera and are listed first in the current Context. An Org represents a company or collective of customers that can contain one or more Projects. Projects reside within Orgs and are listed second in the current Context. Projects can be used to break work down into smaller, discreet chunks within an Org.

See Managing Orgs and Projects for more information.

Teams and Members - Teams and Members dictate who has access to Projects within Orgs. Members are added to Orgs first and then assigned to Projects and Teams afterward.

See Adding and Removing Teams and Adding and Removing Members for more information.

Entitlements and Quotas - Entitlements control which Apps and Machines your Members have permission to use within an Org. Quotas control hourly usage for Interactive sessions and how many Parts a Compute session can use to complete the required processing.

See Adding Entitlements and Setting Quotas for more information.

Athera Context

The current Context controls all aspects of Athera, from who has access to storage to how much processing time Members have per hour or week. The diagram below describes a simple Context tree. For example, Members of the Project | SciFi Movie don't have access to the Project | 360 Shoot, but members of the Org | CoolFX have access to both Projects. Similarly, Members of the Org | Default Org don't have access to any tier in the Org | CoolFx.

You can confirm your current context Group by clicking Account, at the top-right of the dashboard, and looking under current Context.

When you invite an Athera customer to an Org, the Org and other groups it contains appear in the customer's Context page.

Note:  You can only invite people that have an existing Athera account. You can add new collaborators by completing a form at