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Logging into Athera

Athera uses two-factor authentication to access the dashboard. You sign into the dashboard using your email address and password and then use an authentication app such as Google Authenticator or Authy on your mobile device to generate a unique authorization code.

The first step is to open a supported browser and enter the URL followed by the username and password supplied by us when you signed up for a trial.

Warning:  Every time you log into Athera, the Context is reset to your default Org, so make sure you switch to the required Context before launching Apps. See Athera Context for more information.

The first time you log in, you're presented with a QR code that your mobile app of choice uses to authenticate your Athera credentials. For example:

Use your authentication app to verify your Athera credentials and the QR code and then enter the 6-digit code provided to log in to Athera.

You can enable Remember this browser to suppress the verification process during normal operation. If you don't enable Remember this browser, you'll need to provide a new verification code every few minutes.

Using the Account Page

The first time you log in, you need to create a new password for security reasons. If you need to change the password again for any reason, click Account in the top-right of the Athera dashboard. You can use the Account page to view your account details and current Context. See Introduction to Athera for more information on Context in Athera.

You can also manage your application region and personal storage from the Account page. See Choosing an Application Region and Configuring Storage for more information.

Logging Out of Athera

To log out of Athera, go to the Account page and click Logout under the Current Context section.